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Anonymous asked: Whatever, Raziel.

History abhors a paradox.

Anonymous asked: Cherry picking must be such a fun hobby

I’m sure it is as cherries are delicious, especially when in baked goods.

Internet Detectives


I swear! You marvelous bastards are better than most police departments. Okay, before I get ahead of myself, I want to apologize for the Anita Sarkeesian heavy posts lately. I know it gets old quickly for some people. Anyway, this will be my last post on her for awhile, and you will see why in a moment. Why? Because the fine followers of Jordanowen42 and some searching on my own have found proof that Anita Sarkeesian does not classify as a non-profit. Why? Because didn’t file paperwork to become one. She did however, obtain licensing as a for profit corporation. 

Exhibit A: Up to date business information on the website that keeps records on businesses in the state of California. She’s registered as a for profit corporation. 


Now if you’ll notice, she filed for her business license almost a full year after receiving her kickstarter money. Which means that she had plenty of time to file as a non-profit right?

Exhibit B: She is not on the list of licensed non-profit organizations for the state of California. This is where her name should be on the list, had she bothered to file the paperwork, but it’s nowhere to be seen. 


You can look at the full list of tax exempt non-profits here. Wait, what was it that Jonathan McIntosh was saying again? It’s a non-profit? It does not count as fair use if you are using it for branding or promotional materials for a corporation that generates money. Guess who’s in trouble.